lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

Gigantografias en los dormitorios

Ultimamente se estan poniendo muy de moda los dormitorios con gigantografías, es decir imagenes a lo grande del tema de tu preferencia. Toma una foto o elige una imagen y mandala a imprimir del tamaño que tu prefieras, el cuarto quedará bellamente decorado.
Las gigantografía digitales son imágenes de gran tamaño que se imprimen en diferentes materiales. Hoy la tecnología permite la impresión directa y la modalidad digital con calidad fotográfica.
Antes de encargar este tipo de impresiones, es conveniente conocer lo siguiente:
-Las gigantografías pueden imprimirse en diferentes materiales: Papel (su durabilidad es escasa, por lo que hay que protegerlo con acrílico, que encarece el precio); en vinilo (se despega con facilidad); en vinilo microperforado (permite la visión de adentro hacia afuera a través de pequeños agujeros, no tiene buena definición); y en tela sintética. Este último material es el más recomendado, porque permite una impresión con calidad fotográfica.
-Las telas usadas para este fin reciben un tratamiento UV de manera que son resistentes al sol. A esto se suma la utilización de tintas para exterior. Como las gigantografías digitales son relativamente nuevas en el mercado, todavía no se sabe a ciencia cierta cuál es su durabilidad. Pero los proveedores aseguran que pueden mantenerse en perfecto estado unos tres años como mínimo.
-Estas imágenes digitales pueden iluminarse desde atrás (backlight) o desde el frente (frontlight).
-Gracias a la velocidad que permite la nueva tecnología usada para la impresión digital, se puede entregar una gigantografía en forma casi inmediata. Esto también se debe a que no hay necesidad de pasos previos, ya que para imprimir lo único necesario es un archivo digital.
-No hay medidas mínimas ni máximas para realizar una gigantografía. Si es de gran formato, sólo es necesario soldar las telas hasta alcanzar el tamaño elegido. En este caso es conveniente colocarla en el exterior e iluminarla desde el frente, ya que esto disimula totalmente las uniones de las telas.
Como ven las gigantografías son una excelente opción de decoración para el dormitorio y para todo su hogar. Puede hacer una gigantografía con el rostro de su hijo, de un paisaje, de una pelicula, de un arcoiris, de barney, de una obra de arte abstracta, etc. el resto es solo usar su imaginación.
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A New Houston Shopping Destination For Antiques



Look for the Fiesta Mart on Alabama at Dunlavy, and you'll be near a hot pocket of stores selling reasonably priced, yet very chic antiques.   One of my favorite bargain-hunting destinations for antiques  - Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy (3845 Dunlavy) shares the mall with this Fiesta.  And, another store,  The Country Gentleman, is just a few doors down.  Rumored to be closing its doors, Larry, The Country Gentleman himself, has taken on some partners and given his store a new look - he confirmed his store is remaining open for good.  Judging by the inventory I saw - this is welcomed news.    Besides these two stores,  a third one has now opened, making this Fiesta Mart Mall a force in Houston antiquing areas. 

While shopping there last week, I noticed this newly opened store called Boxwood Interiors.  It immediately called to me when, through the window, I glimpsed freshly laid seagrass matting stretching from the front door to the back.  It's amazing what spending a few extra dollars on seagrass will do to an old and ugly mall space.  The store is fresh and inviting with gleaming white walls and neutral colors.    But something about Boxwood seemed very familiar - why, I wondered aloud?  The ladies working there informed me that it looked familiar because Boxwood was actually owned by Foxglove, a small interiors shop doing business in the space up the street that Hien Lam Upholsterers once occupied.  Got that?  Foxglove, at 1420 Alabama, is a little off the beaten tract, and thus, it is still striving for big-time recognition.  With this new second store on the scene, it finally is  breaking out.   Helping out is neighbor Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy which has been attracting new traffic daily - their tenants just keep getting better and better.  Hopefully, Boxwood will benefit from all this business going on at  the corner of Dunlavy and Alabama.  Just look for the Fiesta!

antiques 052 

Boxwood and Foxglove specialize in lighting fixtures, many of which come from Alcon - the fabulous lighting store next door to Foxglove on Alabama.   Another speciality is iron based tables, as seen above,  that can be custom ordered in any size or shape. 

antiques 055

They sell custom upholstery at both Boxwood and Foxglove.  The sofas have striking shapes - nothing is common here.  The pieces are covered in natural linen with nailheads, which give them an contemporary edge.  I love this high armed sofa.

 antiques 032

This sofa is a modern take on an antique shape. 

antiques 034

This sofa has a painted wood frame.   There are piles of custom pillows everywhere - these are accented with trim.

antiques 033

Lamps are another speciality.  Here, french wine bottles are ready for shades.

antiques 040

The right wall is ceiling to floor cubby holes filled with goodies, such as:

antiques 041

Burlap wrapped lampshades in drum and other chic shapes.

antiques 042

Glass canisters of different shapes.

antiques 043

Coral and candles.

antiques 045

Stone shapes for plants or TV clickers, you decide.

antiques 048

The cubbyholes, light fixtures, and seagrass goes on and on.

 antiques 044

Boxwood and Foxglove both used this handsome damask on armchairs and ottomans.

antiques 046

How convenient - a wire basket filled with candle sleeves.

antiques 049

I love this ottoman  - tufted, wooden french legs and all!

antiques 057

There are lots of mirrors and garden seats, framed prints and lamps.

 antiques 059

Greeting you at the door is this wooden light fixture -  this shape is all the rage right now.

antiques 039

 Bid Boxwood goodbye and go next door.

antiques 065

Next Stop:   The Country Gentleman specializes in antiques from Europe - with an emphasis on Spain.

antiques 070

A set of six:  Italian chairs newly upholstered in linen.

antiques 075

A French settee upholstered in a Fortuny style print.

antiques 079

Last Stop:    Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy.  An antique mall, with many different vendors - the quality keeps getting better and better.   Here a set of six chairs, slipcovered in linen hang out, waiting for a buyer.  I love these slips!

antiques 077

A wooden French light fixture - this style is hot right now.

antiques 078

A painted ottoman that would look as great  for the feet or as for a coffee table.

antiques 087 

A painted Swedish tea table - beautiful!

antiques 085

I love the scale of this antique mirror.

If you are planning on visiting Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy, be sure to stop in at Boxwood.  And while you are there, go next door and visit The Country Gentleman.    Three excellent antique stores and a Fiesta Food Mart to boot!

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008

Dormitorio con terraza

Dormitorio con terraza, para quienes gustan de tener plantas cerca a la habitación.

The Antique Rose Emporium


The antique rose:  Marie Pavie.

The Round Top Antiques Fair is just around the corner - April 2 - 5, 2008.  If you're in the area and get tired of antiquing, you might want to visit the Antique Rose Emporium for a change of pace.  Located outside of Brenham in Independence, Texas, it's about 37 bluebonnet-filled miles from Round Top.  As it's name implies, The Antique Rose Emporium specializes in antique roses.   Some of the roses they sell were "rustled" from cemeteries  and from the sides of highways where they were given names such as Caldwell Pink or Highway 290 Pink Buttons.  Antique roses are a hardy bunch - they thrive with little or no care.   They don't require pesticides to bloom and they need little or no pruning.  The owner started the Antique Rose Emporium in 1985 after he found an antique rose blooming and flourishing despite decades of utter neglect.  Helped along in collecting more varieties of antique roses by the Texas Rose Rustlers, Mike Shoup, the owner, opened his doors after building the visitor's Display Garden.  Over the years,  Shoup's  venture  has grown from a small nursery to a large, international presence in the rose business.  Today there are two Display Gardens - the one in Independence and a newer one in San Antonio, Texas.  The Display Garden in Independence has changed greatly over the years. Today there is a lovely country chapel on the property where couples can marry, there's a children's garden, a gift shop, and a supplies store.   It's best to visit in the spring  when it's at its prettiest with the roses just starting to bloom.  If you've never been to the emporium and you're in the area for Round Top, The Antique Rose Emporium is a must see.  And, if you go, be sure to purchase an antique rose or two. 



The Antique Rose Emporium parking lot:  pulling up to arches and picket fences and cobblestone walkways, you know this is not your typical nursery.


A  specimen tree greets you in the parking lot.


The omnipresent windmill towers over the property.


Here is the windmill after climbing flowers have been allowed to take it over.


The cottage garden in full bloom.


Antique rose specimens are grouped together in masses in order to have a full appreciation of their growing traits.


Here is the nursery with pots available for purchase.  In the back, you can just see an old log cabin.


Wildflowers mixed in with the antique roses.


A view of the roses in pots for sale.  In the background, you can just see a wooden pergola covered in evergreen vine.


In this area, a circle of roses are planted in chronological order of their beginnings withmarkers telling their historical significance. 60292736_g32006_04_09uploadtopbasegazebo1

A gazebo where weddings take place.


The walkway leading from the gazebo.


The walkway to the gazebo in full bloom.


A border of "Old Blush."


The old greenhouse and windmill.


The greenhouse with roses in full bloom.

Springtime at the Antique Rose Emporium.   Picture courtesy of


Roses cover a picket fence.

The sign says it all.  Picture courtesy of


A new attraction - The Children's Garden is surrounded by a purple picket fence.

The Yellow Brick Road leads to the Children's Garden.  Picture courtesy of


Spring flowers in the Children's Garden.


Birdhouses in the Children's Garden.

Spring daisies and sculpture.  Picture courtesy of

A cemetery of broken flower pots.  Picture courtesy of

One of the old structures that houses a store on the property.  Picture courtesy of


A chapel was built on the property for wedding ceremonies. 


Texas bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush grow in the fields next to the chapel.


Alongside the property line, roses grow on the picket fences.


One of the water features on the property. 


A picture from the early days of the Antique Rose Emporium. 


A picture from the beginning before the chapel, the gazebo, the history garden and the Children's Garden.



If you go to Round Top and want to visit the nursery - here's the route to take:  highway 290 to 390 to Independence.   Look for the picket fences and windmill!

Shlenkerroses 009

The Shlenker Elementary School, Class of 2010's Rose Garden

On a personal note:  Years ago, when my daughter graduated elementary school, I was put on the committee in charge of decorating the room where the graduation luncheon was to be held.  Of course, the budget was small and we were desperate to stretch the dollar.  I came up with the idea of a living gift that the class could present to the school.  Instead of cut flowers, each table would have a pot of blooming roses which we would then donate to The Shlenker School in honor of the class of 2010.   I drove up, with a friend in tow, to Independence to the Antique Rose Emporium to load up our cars with the bounty.  It was on this trip that I discovered the "real" Antique Rose Emporium, the fields where the roses are grown.   About 1/2 mile from the visitor's Display Garden are rows upon rows of blooming roses as far as the eye could see.  The average customer has no idea that these fields even exist, believing as I did, the Antique Rose Emporium consisted of the Display Garden only. 

If I recall correctly, on that day I bought 10 pots of 5 different rose varieties to place on all the luncheon tables.  The ride home was heavenly - the scent of the roses in my car was intoxicating.   After the luncheon, we gathered the pots up and took them to the school.  There was a large, empty median in the school's parking lot where the carpool line is.  This is where we planted the flowers - each variety was planted in mass.   The small plants grew and thrived without much care, just as they are advertised.   Some of the graduates returned a few years later to weed the flowerbed to satisfy some type of charitable activity.  If you ever happen to be in the parking lot of Temple Beth Israel in Houston and you come upon a bed of formidable antique roses, think of those graduates from the class of 2010 and the Antique Rose Emporium.


Shlenkerroses 003

These roses were really blooming today when I took these pictures at The Shlenker School.

Shlenkerroses 005

So was this variety.

Shlenkerroses 016

And more.