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I’ve said it before, but I get a lot of email – a lot!   Besides all the comments that come to my inbox, I get emails from readers who have a question or want to give me a  tip – (thanks to a reader I just bought 10 yards of gorgeous Bennison fabric on EBAY for the price of 1 yard!)   Sometimes, I get really behind on my emails – I’ll spend a day or two answering all the newest ones, while the older mail gets, well, older!    Yesterday, I woke up to 650 emails and spent the entire day answering them.  When I went to sleep, I still had 643 emails.   It can get a little overwhelming.   But I try.   I had plans this July 4th weekend to really clean out the old mailbox and answer each and every one of them.    So imagine my horror when I woke up this morning to an inbox with just 3 emails!!!!!    YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   640 emails had disappeared into cyberspace!!!!!    I managed to salvage about 400 in  my Deleted Email box, but that still leaves me with around 200 missing.   SOOOO……if you emailed me with a question and I haven’t answered you, please, please, please resend it!!    Thank you for understanding.   Just resend your question if I never answered it!




Cote de Texas’ Stylish Summer Tips for Charlotte Moss include information on the best beach in Texas and what to wear all summer!  Can you guess what that is?????    Also, I give tips on what to serve for a summer meal.  And no, it’s not Wendy’s Caesar Salad.  I behaved myself!!!     Three more weeks until I’m back under that umbrella – and I CAN’T wait!!!!


And in a little shameless plug, Charlotte Moss, my favorite designer and #3 on the Cote de Texas Top Ten Designer List (I know, I know – I have two more to name!!) – has the cutest web site/blog.   One section is called “Tete A Tete” where Moss blogs about her travels, her interests, and anything else she has going on.  I love to read “Tete A Tete,” so I was beyond thrilled when she asked me to participate in a story called “Tips for A Stylish Summer From Our Favorite Bloggers!”  blush.   I am joined by Rhonda from All The Best and Jennifer from The Peak of Chic, two of my blogging mentors – so that makes it extra special.    Truthfully, I’m not sure an invitation from Obama would mean quite as much to me as this invitation from Charlotte Moss did.    Charlotte’s style is one that I would love to emulate, not just her design work, but the way she lives her life, surrounded by the things she loves and the things she finds beautiful.  She is such a powerhouse, such a hard, dedicated worker, and still she finds time for her philanthropic duties - all the while taking the time to smell the roses.    I especially love that she is self taught in design!  Today with ASID trying to legislate laws making interior designers complete six years of study plus pass their extremely difficult and mostly useless test (it ain’t rocket science, folks,)  successful designers like Moss prove them so wrong.  If you’ve got the talent like she has, you can do the work.  Period.  Besides her extremely successful ID career, she is also a prolific writer.  Moss’ book The Winter House is one of my all-time favorite design books.   It’s all about her Aspen house – a beautiful retreat in greens and blues.  Stunning!    I could go on and on about what there is to love about Charlotte Moss, but I already have here – if you missed it the first time.     To read about Cote de Texas’ stylish summer tips (!) go here.


image Charlotte Moss – my favorite picture of her from The Winter House.  I love the blue and white urn lamps with green silk shades!  The slipcover of the chair is divine!   And, I love how she is perfectly coordinated to the house! 


P.S.  Don’t forget about the emails!!!!!!

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