sábado, 25 de julio de 2009

Fabrics and Writers Live


Home of Robert Kime, owner of one of the most exclusive fabric houses.

While I love Robert Kime fabrics, the most I can afford is maybe, hear that, maybe, one pillow made out of his fabrics.  They are so expensive, but so wonderful!  Why are the best things in design always too expensive?    Join Linda, Megan and me as we discuss fabrics on The Skirted Roundtable.  We get much more specific about the fabrics we love this week.   And for bloggers – this week we discuss blogging platforms – the pros and cons of Writer Live, Blogger, etc.

To listen, please go here.

AND AND AND – big announcement!!!    Next week we have  the mega talented Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things in the hot seat all the way from Australia!  If everything works out with Skype – expect to hear from the fabulous Anna whose love of all things bright pink is legendary.  We are so excited to welcome Anna – so be sure to join us!

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