domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

Sunday Fun: Fashion, Feed Bags, & Fabric




Jane Schott, Houston pillow-maker extraordinaire, is always sending interesting tidbits to my email.   Sometimes, it’s Bill Cunningham’s latest “On the Street" video if it’s a particularly good one.  Cunningham is the fashion photographer for the NY Times and on Sundays he puts his thoughts and snapshots to music.   This week is a fun one:  The 4th of July on the newly elevated street downtown.    To watch it – go here.   And, if you haven’t seen his videos before – look at the old ones.   They’re always wonderful.   Enjoy!



As for Jane Schott, a long time resident of Houston, and one of the originators of the fabulous Urban Market  (Houston’s own version of Round Top) is pulling up stakes and moving to Florida.  We’ll miss you Jane!!!!    Jane makes the most fabulous pillows – to see her handiwork, visit her web site,  here


image Of course Jane is up on the hottest trend going – European feed bag pillows.  To die for!



image Beadboard UpCountry, located in Brenham, Texas – a short 60 minute drive from Houston.   And yes, it IS this cute!  I mean, how ADORABLE is this????


And finally, all this talk of linen lately makes me think of my favorite destination store – Beadboard UpCountry in nearby Brenham.  If you are planning to go to Round Top this October with Eddie Ross and  Jaithan Kochar (go here for details!) – you need to be sure and stop by Beadboard UpCountry and visit my friend Maryanne, whose brainchild is this delightful shop - full of French and Belgian styled goodies.   My recent post on Top Ten Design Elements - #1 Linen, reminded me of the fabulous linen line from Belgium that Beadboard UpCountry carries.    Here is how Maryanne describes the Belgian linen:

“One of my favorite fabrics to use is the Belgian Linen Libeco Lagae.    The Napoli Vintage is fabulous and available in tabletop and cut yardage.   AND this is the kicker -  it is 94"wide and comes in fabulous colors!   So no seams on a lot of stuff that would normally have seams.  We carry it in the shop, and you can see it on their web site here.     It also ships very quickly, sometimes faster than American suppliers.  The longest it's ever taken from Belgium is 2 weeks and I've gotten it in as little as 4 days.   Amazing. AND their linen sheets are to die for…”

So, if you are in the market for fabulous Belgian linen, give Maryanne a call here:   1-979-830-8788.  The web site for Beadboard UpCountry is here.



A recent shot from Beadboard UpCountry!


Note:    I am putting the finishing touches on Cote de Texas Top Ten Design Elements:  #2.   It should be up by tomorrow morning!

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